A Comprehensive Guide for Fantasy Sports Betting


Fantasy sports have been around for quite some time now, but betting on them has gained traction recently. With the help of the internet, you can bet on daily fantasy sports. If someone tells you that when betting on daily fantasy sports there is no strategy involved, then that means that they have no idea about how to play fantasy sports betting.

This is a format of sports betting, which allows the user to put their reading ability and knowledge to test. The sharper and better you are, the more money you would make. While most of the strategies are dependent on the sports (for example football strategy for football fantasy sports), there are still some tricks that most of the fantasy sports have in common.

It is never about just going for the best of the best players. It is not necessary that they would perform that well in your team. Therefore, you need to follow the below guide when betting on fantasy sports:

1. Look for Value:

It is not necessary that you are going to be rich enough to purchase the best of the best players in the league. Therefore, you need to look for value in the players you purchase. Look for players, who you feel have the tendency to over perform the cost that they were purchased at. To do this, calculate points per amount i.e. if a player gets you 25 points and costs $9000 and your salary cap is $1000, then calculate 25/9 i.e. 2.77 points per thousand. Similarly, a player costing $5500 with points 20 would have 3.63 points/thousand. Therefore, the second player is clearly the choice.

2. Don’t Overspend Unless Required:

What this means is not to spend a lot on a few players that had a good past week. It is possible that those players have a really bad week and all your efforts go down the drain. Basically don’t put all your eggs in one basket. These players are also eyed by others. Therefore, they might become really common.

3. Know the Rules of Scoring:

This is one of the most important things in fantasy sports betting. It is possible that each and every tournament or website has their own set of rules. Do not just assume the scoring would be same as the actual game. It may be different. So, make sure you read the rules.

4. Look for Variance:

Think that you bet on a player in a ten person tournament. Now all the ten people selected the same player. He scored about 8 million points. It is good that he scored 8 million points, but you didn’t get ahead of the others as everyone bet on the same player. Therefore, make sure that you don’t go with the absolute best because everyone takes them.

When it comes to fantasy sports betting, you have to be very careful with where you bet and which websites to choose. Many websites offer high incentives, but charge a lot too. So, choose wisely and according to your salary cap. Once you have chosen your website and game, follow the above guide and win money.

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