A Comprehensive Guide for Custom Control Panels


Custom control panels are purpose-built solutions that are engineered individually as per order. As it is made-to-order, it can be a solution to a complex controls challenge or a unique one-off. Most of the companies that cater to the request of custom control panels accommodate your specific requirements and make the panel exactly as per your need and desire.

Why Rebuild Your Existing Panel?

The need for rebuilding the control panel arises if any or all of the following happens.

  • Loose connections give rise to production halts.
  • The wiring diagrams available are no more a match to the existing wiring.
  • You need to add some more components to the panel and there is no space left.
  • The components have started overheating.
  • The system as a whole quit working.

Why Do You Need a Customised Control Panel?

  • Helps in running the production process smoothly.
  • As the wiring diagrams are in line with the actual wiring, it helps the technicians in troubleshooting as and when it happens.
  • There is space available if you plan to add any component in future.
  • As the overheating is less, the control is better.
  • The system, on the whole, is reliable to work.
If you are going for a custom control panel then it should accomplish the following goals.

1. Improved Productivity –

The primary goal of any business is to increase sales, productivity and profit. If you need to spend your energy on managing ancillary projects then it is sure to impact your business functions and goals. A customised control panel should provide you with the peace of mind to focus your energies only towards your business goals.

2. Significant Savings –

Hire someone who has expertise in building the best control panels in the industry. Their expertise in the field will help in increasing the level of productivity. Also, there will be significant savings as there won’t be any production halts and you will also save on labour and components.

3. Full Proof Documentation –

Local companies sometimes save time and expense by leaving the documentation incomplete. Their documents that have the wiring diagrams are not totally in sync with the control panel built by them. This can cause a problem in future as during the downtime the maintenance staff will try to troubleshoot the problem through that incomplete document. Thus, hire the services of someone who provides full documentation.

4. High Component Quality –

The components are the building blocks of any control system. Thus, they should be of very high quality, reliable, effective in operation, and should be easy to use. So, make sure that the company who is building your control panel uses superior products.

The control panel is too critical for the success of any business. Any downtime results in loss of productivity as it is entirely dependent on the efficient functioning of the control panel. Thus, the panel should b operate at  effectiveness.

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