8 Things You Must Do to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy


Getting pregnant is an achievement in itself, but it is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. Every woman wants to have a healthy pregnancy, but that’s not going to happen unless you make an effort. Making a child is no easy task and you have to be immensely careful throughout this period. Listed below are the top tips that every mom-to-be must follow to ensure a healthy and joyful pregnancy:

Tip 1: See your gynecologist as soon as possible

As soon as you discover your pregnancy, you need to make an appointment with your gynecologist so you can instantly begin your prenatal care. When you organize your care early, you can ensure that you stay healthy right from the beginning. It also enables you to organize your diary so you are prepared for any tests and ultrasound scans that may be required.

Tip 2: Eat well

A healthy and balanced diet has just become crucial because there is another life depending on you now. This means that you need to have at least five portions of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Protein is also needed, which you can find in pulses, lean meat, fish, eggs and beans. Two portions of fish are recommended along with dairy foods. You cannot avoid starchy foods either as one third of your diet needs to have carbohydrates. Drinking lots of water is also necessary as this can help in maintaining your blood pressure levels.

Tip 3: Take necessary supplements

For the first three months, you need to take folic acid and Vitamin D supplements are mostly given for the entire pregnancy. Folic acid is required for the healthy development of your baby as it can help in avoiding numerous health issues. You can consider Blackmore Supplement; it’s one getting most doctors’ recommendation.Women who don’t eat fish may have to take a fish oil supplement because they need to get the omega-3 fatty acids contained in it.

Tip 4: Make food hygiene a priority

When you are pregnant, food hygiene becomes even more important than before. Boards, utensils and your hands need to be washed thoroughly when you handle raw meat. It is best to avoid some foods that may contain dangerous bacteria such as unpasteurized milk, blue-veined cheeses or soft, mold-ripened cheeses and undercooked ready meals.

Tip 5: Incorporate exercise into your routine

Regular exercises can benefit the mom as well as the baby. But, remember that you have to keep it gentle and avoid pushing your body through unnecessary stress. When you perform gentle exercise during pregnancy, it can help in protecting against pregnancy complications like high blood pressure, it boosts your spirits when you are down, enables you to stay at a healthy weight and even increases your chances of a normal labor and birth. Some of the exercises you can do during pregnancy are yoga, Pilates, swimming and brisk walking.

Tip 6: Eliminate alcohol from your diet

Any alcohol you may consume will reach your baby through the placenta and blood stream. It is not possible to determine how much alcohol might be safe to drink during pregnancy. Therefore, it is often recommended by medical experts that you cut it out completely in order to keep your baby safe from harm. In the first trimester, the chances of miscarriage may increase due to alcohol consumption and it can also affect your baby’s brain development in the third trimester.

Tip 7: Caffeine needs to go

Yes, this might be difficult for some mothers, but caffeine is also not healthy for your baby. Chances of miscarriage also rise when you consume too much caffeine in the form of energy drinks, coffee, cola and tea. Similar to alcohol, it is better if you cut out caffeine regularly, but if you really cannot do without it, about two mugs of coffee are recommended in a day and not more.

Tip 8: No smoking

You and your baby can suffer from serious health issues if you smoke during pregnancy. Risks such as stillbirth, low birth weight, premature birth, miscarriage and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) are very high in women who continue to smoke during pregnancy. Thus, avoiding it altogether is best.

These tips can ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and your baby is well and sound when they come into this world.

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