6 Best Games to enjoy this Winter


Winter is finally upon us, and it’s all cold and gay. If you are getting restless that you can’t step out more often, here’s a list of cool winter games you can play indoors alone or with your buddies.

1. Puzzles

Buy a book or puzzles or find good puzzles online and start exercising those creative, cognitive, and problem-solving muscles of yours. You can even make your own and ask your siblings or friends to solve them. You can choose between mechanical (jigsaw puzzles, nail puzzles, and Rubik’s Cubes), logic (Sudoku, Picross, logic grid puzzles), math (Suppose xy=6, xz=10, and yz=15. What is xyz equal to?), cryptic, word (crosswords, Boggle), trivia (similar to cryptic puzzles), and pattern puzzles (What comes next in the list? 1, 2, 4 …). Go for riddles too (A man and his son are involved in a car accident. The father dies, but the son is taken to the hospital. The doctor refuses to operate, saying “I cannot operate on my son!” How can this be?).

2. Card Games

Card games are a wonderful means to challenge your mind. Grab a box of cards and begin a game of Uno, teen Patti, poker, or rummy. However, a more interesting version of playing card games is playing online via a mobile app. You can ask your friends to join in and start playing free rummy with them. You can play rummy online and win cash prizes as well. This is a smart way to pass the time, exercise your brain, and earn cash.   

3. Board Games

Bring the family together at night or day to enjoy a brilliant game of chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary, Ludo, or Chinese checkers. It’s a fun way to get everyone together for some real fun.

4. Charades

Show off your acting skills in Charades. This fun game requires two teams of about four (the more, the merrier). Ask one volunteer from each team come up. He/she is not allowed to talk during the game and isn’t allowed to move any letters or numbers. The volunteer has to start acting the word/phrase or other hints and help the team guess the word. The first team that raises their hand and guesses the object correctly wins one point for their team.

The first team to reach 10 points wins the game.

5. Marshmallow Building Blocks

All you need for this game is lots of mini marshmallows and lots of toothpicks. You can start constructing triangles and squares, then move on to more complex shapes by parallelograms. Keep expanding the horizons and form different shapes and join them together to create a skyscraper, bridge, butterfly, house, and people — Whatever you can imagine!

6. Art Projects

DIY projects are always the best. They are great stress busters and promises hours of entertainment. You can take up any artsy project you feel like. It can be making jewelry, updating the family scrapbook, creating the best out of waste, painting, quilling, sketching, anything. You can even sew and stitch or bake (cooking is also an art after all).

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