5 Ways Bus Tours Make Visiting NY Unforgettable


The next best thing to visiting and discovering New York is to do it without any hassle whatsoever. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit a great place such as New York and make it so that you don’t spend time trying to figure out every map and getting lost in the process?

We all know New York is known for its awe inspiring landmarks and its extravagant locals, but it can also be a confusing place if you don’t know where to start. And that’s where guided bus tours can save you from way too many pitfalls during your visit to New York.

While at first they might seem like something you wouldn’t really want to do, there is a lot more fun and utility involved in a bus tour than meets the eye. Let’s look at what I mean in more detail.

If you take a New York City bus tour:
You Aren’t Tired All The Time

Nobody wants to spend time catching their breath and having to rest while walking the endless streets of New York. Taking a bus tour can save you from all the leg work involved in the process. Best of all you get to see all the best landmarks and experience everything New York has to offer, depending on the route you take.

You Aren’t Wasting Time

Nobody wants to waste time getting lost in New York. I remember the first time I visited Manhattan over a short weekend we made the mistake of not taking any guided tours and I wasn’t able to see all that New York had to offer that I wanted to see.

Now for next time, I’ll be better prepared to tackle the city and the sights and book a couple of bus tours to get me through. They’re especially helpful during the hot summer months when the sweat starts pouring down your neck as soon as you step outside the door.

You Get To See The Sights That Matter

There is no better feeling than someone taking you by the hand and telling you exactly where you need to go. I seriously dislike having to spend so much time doing all the guesswork by myself instead of just getting a helping hand from someone who has had experience and is automatically more knowledgeable than you.

By paying for a guided tour you will see the sites that matter and that you really want to see. This includes places like the Chrysler building, the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim, or even the Rockefeller Center (and let’s not forget the world famous Central Park).

You Save Money

Chances are if you get lost and you’re constantly having to stop somewhere to catch your breath you are going to have to spend extra money on food and other needs along the way. Hop-on/hop-off-bus tours are affordable and a great alternative to explore a new place you’ve never been to before. Saving money is a great goal to have in mind especially in New York, where things can be pricier.

You Don’t Have To Learn The Confusing Subway Puzzle

One of the parts I dreaded having to do when I visited New York was having to learn my way through the subway to get to where I wanted to. I’ve always thought that travelling over ground was better because that way you got to breathe fresh air and look all around you. Yet another awesome reason to consider booking a guided bus tour.

It’s Time To Explore

There is definitely more than one way to explore New York and experience first-hand everything that it has to offer to its millions of visitors. Bus tours are a viable and affordable option to make your travel and vacation adventures more fun.

Tourism is no doubt a great place to expand your horizons, learn new things, meet new people, have new experiences, and last but not least create lasting memories. The secret is making sure you set yourself up for success and not waste any time on nonsense like getting lost and having to constantly ask for directions.

Now, it’s time to start planning your next New York City excursion. It’s important to think about how much you want to do, how much you want to see, and what exactly can you do to make the most out of the trip? Where will your adventures take you next?

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