5 Effective Uses of Blender Grinder in Every Household


A blender is a kitchen appliance used for mixing or blending two or more ingredients that don’t naturally mix together. Some of the blenders are so powerful that they can even crush ice cubes into pieces.

Different blenders have different functions and features. Expensive as well as less expensive blenders are available in the market. Irrespective of price, they are one of the most useful appliances for meeting household needs.

A blender grinder is used almost every morning in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals. Read on to find out few effective uses of blender grinder in every household.

Almond Milk

If you love almond milk and have a blender at home, it is a boon. You can make fresh homemade almond milk every morning in the kitchen in order to stay fit and healthy. The process of making it is very easy. You just have to soak almonds overnight in water and blend them in the morning. Be aware that the fresh version lasts for very few days inside the fridge. So, plan accordingly and prepare a quantity that can be used soon.

As you have the power in your hand in the form of blender, try adding sweet flavours like vanilla with almond milk for better taste and also for a change.


A blender can also double up as a juicer. Chunk down fruits or vegetables, add them to the blender with water or milk and blend well. Blenders can work best for making juice from soft fruits like apricots, peaches, grapes, oranges and pears. Avocados and bananas give the juice a thicker consistency. If you don’t have a standalone juicer at home, juicing is one of the best advantages of a blender.

Body Scrub

A blender is not only used in kitchen for making delicious food items. It can be wisely used for making body scrub. Women fall in love with this advantage of a blender. Combine all natural oils, sea salt and citrus for making a scented moisturizing scrub in less than five minutes. Apart from household help, it can be used for beauty enhancement tool kit.

Powdered Sugar:

Many times, people withdraw their plan of making sweet dishes just because of the absence of powdered sugar. If you are in hurry and guests are likely to reach your home soon, instead of running to your nearest grocery store, better handle the situation with your blender. Blenders are good for making powdered sugar and within a short interval of time one can bake a delicious cake sitting at home.


Almost everybody knows how to prepare soup with the help of blender. But very few people are aware of the fact that using a blender, one can heat up and even “cook” soups. Blenders come with a heating function button that can come handy for heating soups. In case of old version of blenders, one has to prepare the soup first and then heat it up on a stove.

If you had purchased a blender long back and as of now it is simply lying inside a cabinet collecting dust, it is high time you put it to use. The above mentioned points will definitely make you try something new and interesting.

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