5 Disastrous Wedding Invitation Mistake You Ought to Avoid


Couples who have planned to get married soon are obviously very excited about their marriage and this excitement often leads to what we may call common wedding planning related mistakes. When it comes to wedding planning, invitation should definitely be the best as it gives the receiver an idea of how good the wedding is going to be. So, making a good impression is necessary.

To make this kind of impression, use unique wedding invitation cards designs. You should definitely hire a graphic designer who can design unique Indian wedding cards for your wedding. Design such unique Indian wedding invitations that people get excited about your wedding on receiving the invitation itself. Many couples make mistakes in the process. So, we have listed out some common wedding invitation mistakes every couple should avoid.

1.Trying to Add Everything in the Card Itself-

While it is a good idea to describe about the events, after-event parties and even the venues, it is not at all smart if you are going into deeper details than these. You should not mention the dresses you are going to wear or how they are going be matching or for what song you are going to dance as a couple. Nobody needs to know those details on the wedding invitations. Use the element of surprise and reveal this stuff on the special day itself.

2. Not Double-Checking for Typing Mistakes-

When you tell your designer how your invitation card should look like, ask him to take care of typing errors. They tend to make some errors while working in hurry. It is human nature, but you should make sure that you double check. Ask for a few sample invitation cards for checking these typos yourself. Look carefully at these cards and ask the designer to make all the necessary changes.

3. Using Too Much Colour-

Your excitement should not reflect through colours on your invitation cards. You should not use colours that are too bright or too dull. These types of cards are really unattractive. Choose a proper proportion of colours that match perfectly with the theme and do not overdo it. Always make sure that the text is visible on the invitation cards.

4. Addressing the Invitations by Yourself-

As mentioned above, we are aware of the fact that you are quite excited about the wedding, but addressing the invitations/envelopes yourself is not such a good idea. You can always ask the stationer/printer to do it for you. Nowadays many of them are offering this extra service for low charges. It will save you a lot of time, which you can use for better and more important things. Even if you want to do it all by yourself, make sure you start early and don’t waste too much time doing it.

5. Ordering Less Cards/Over Ordering-

Always make sure that the guest list is very specific. You do not need to send an invitation card to every doorstep on the planet, so be wise with this step. You should definitely order few extra cards once the guest list is finalized.

So, these are the most common mistakes couple make and you should definitely avoid them.

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