4 Experience You Only Have in Halong Bay, Vietnam


Are you thinking of a place to visit this vacation?  Halong Bay is a popular tourist spot that has attracted many visitors for many years. It is located in the northeast Vietnam and is a UNESCO heritage site. The place is famous for its emerald waters and limestone islands that are surrounded by the tropical rainforests. Recently, Halong Bay has been named among the New Seven Wonders of The World. In this article, we have outlined the few of things that you can do only experience on this paradise.

Let’s have a look at the top things that you can do in Halong Bay.

Sleep On Board

One of the best experiences you can have in Halong Bay is to spend a night on a boat. There are plenty of hotels on the island, but nothing beats sleeping on a boat. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity in which you can admire the bay in a unique manner. There is a wide range of boats available in Halong Bay, from diesel-powered boats to standard cruiser. This vacation you must definitely try this out and believe me you won’t regret it.

See The Island From Sky

You can have a unique experience by seeing the island from Seaplane. The island is popular for its limestone karsts and caves. This vacation, you can get a spectacular and beautiful view from the height of 300m above the water level. In this experience, you can see nearly the whole island from a view you have never seen it. During this, you can get to see the well-known attractions like Tuan Chau Island, Dau Go Cave and many others.

Eating in the Cave

One of the must things to experience in Halong Bay is the chance to eat in the cave. There are some of the cruises that provide you this beautiful opportunity to eat a delicious meal in a cave. What could be better than having a dinner in the mysterious cave after a long day of activities? This is a great way to express your love for your family and special someone. You can enjoy the Halong Bay’s seafood, eastern and western cuisine as well.

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Take Lessons in Tai Chi

Another experience that you can have in Halong Bay is practicing Tai Chi. It is the ancient martial arts that have been practiced for centuries in China. This technique is used to boost mental and physical health. You can get a chance to practice Tai Chi in a serene place to obtain benefit from this art. In Halong Bay, you can experience the martial arts under Tai Chi Masters on the deck of a boat. It is a special and exceptional experience that you allows you to breathe in fresh air and watch the scenic view of sunset and sunrise.

Therefore, Halong Bay is a destination that offers you experiences that you won’t get anywhere else. So, this vacation takes your family and loved ones to an adventurous trip that is filled with fun activities and unique experiences.


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