3 Ways to Add a Little Coolness to Your Hot Deck


When the days are a little too hot, an unprotected deck isn’t as much fun. You want to relax on your deck and enjoy it, not stay away from it because the sun is beating down on it ferociously. Here’s a few ideas for shading your deck so you can enjoy it.

1. Use an Awning to Cover Your Deck, and Add a Little Style

You can use an awning to protect your deck from the sun. Since there’s a tremendous amount of options for awnings out there, you will have your pick of type and style.

Awnings can shade the deck, or part of the deck. And if you don’t want shade all the time, you can use removable awnings, or even better, a retractable awning. In this way, you can have shade when you want it, and still enjoy the sunlight when you feel like it.

Not every deck is in a good position for a do-it-yourself awning solution. You may need a deck remodeling service to conform your deck in a way to add the awning on the right way. This is especially true for some of the higher-end retractable awnings.

If you have a larger deck, you may need a custom awning solution. For freestanding decks, you might have to get creative. Although, some of the other suggestions listed here may work better if your deck is detached from another structure.

2. Pergolas, Arbors, and Latticework Can Add Shade and Elegance

Latticework can give your deck an elegant look, as well as some shade. However, latticework doesn’t offer full shade coverage. It depends on the width of the latticework. You can fill in the openings between with any of several things to increase the shade.

For example, you can use plants between the latticework or whatever you want really. You can get as creative as you want, it’s your deck. These types of options do work well for freestanding decks. If you have an elevated deck, you can also use latticework to cover up the bottom of the deck.

3. Plants, Trees, and Shrubbery Can Add Shade and a Touch of Nature

Whether your deck sits on the ground, is elevated, or freestanding, you can make use of growing things to add shade as well as some privacy. Fast growing trees can both shade your deck as well as block it from unwanted eyes.

You can add a framework above your deck from which you can hang plants and foliage. High shrubs around a low deck can accomplish many of the same things.

Have Your Deck Designed with Shade in Mind

There’s a ton more ways to shade a deck. Often, it’s best to have shade incorporated as part of the deck design. A deck remodeling service can take your deck and transform it into one designed with shade in mind.

If you search around, you can come up with some ideas you may want to use yourself. Otherwise, ask the deck remodeling service to help you choose a design that will work best for you.

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